Laetitia was born from the desire to create a precious product with a  basic and elegant design by privileging quality and comfort.  

Fabrizio Pisano founded his brand in 2013 in the heart of Tuscany, a renowned region for its craftmanship production, attention to detail and egregious art of leather goods making and tannery, celebrated worldwide. 

Laetitia is a unique and young brand. Its name signifies joy, delight and caters to the sparkling souls who acknowledge the value of quality. 

Laetitia is entirely designed and produced in Italy. Every product is made with different craftsmanship techniques and subject to several quality checks. 

Laetitia's creations address an audience who loves elegance and luxury, looking for quality and attention to details.  

The "Laetitia woman" is a businesswoman and a passionate traveller who likes to stand out for her taste and unique style. 

The brand endorses the softness of the leather and the smooth texture of the raw materials which throughout accurate processing techniques, offers an authentic and luxurious product embodying Laetitia's hallmarks.